Thank you all for all the kind words. I wasn't trying to be hard on myself... just honest. I think Kelli pegged it more accurately when she used the term "mommy guilt." It's a  little more accurate, I just didn't realize what it was, since it's a new feeling... I know, I know... welcome to the rest. of. my. life. So I was feeling guilty/selfish/like a bad mom. Regardless, I wasn't trying to be hard on myself (even if it does sound that way) just honest about what I'm feeling. And until I put it here, I felt like I was crazy for not being more upset that I didn't get the "ideal" answer from DC. Granted - if they are still giving me that answer in a month, I'm sure I'll be having the "typical" answer of "where the #*$&#* is my Visa Appointment!?!?!" It's ok... I'm allowed to be crazy like that - I'm adopting - it comes with the territory. Anyway... I had a glass (or three, but who's counting) of one of my favorite Chardonnays last night and watched a bunch of House episodes. Feeling much better about life, and my feelings about life, today. I'm sure it helps that I know reinforcements will be here on Saturday to help me! [big smiles]

And, I've got fun stuff to post about once I get the pictures from my camera to my computer. (See why I **NEED** an Eye-Fi card!?)