P3!!! And a bunch of randomness...

[So much to post, so little time... I'm hoping to work through my backlog of posts over the weekend. Let's see if that happens.] So - big news is we have P3!!! That means the Packet 3 has been sent from the embassy to the Korean agency. It was sent on 4.7... and to think I almost didn't call DC today because I thought it was to soon!! Since I know you are all going to ask what this means about my timeline...

I have no idea. I wasn't expecting that we would blow every timeline out of the water. I still fear that we're going to stagnate at this stage for a little while. If we're shocked and stunned by our schedule, imagine how shocked the Korean agency is going to be! So, I'm not predicting anything - or hoping for anything - but I am going into overdrive on baby prep now. (I'm shaking as I type this - from excitement... anxiety... who knows.) Wow.

I figure I'll call DC again next Friday to see if there's any status change (there shouldn't be - it should be at least two weeks) And then again the following Friday... and so on and so on until we have a Visa Interview scheduled. Then we'll know we are really getting close!

In other news:

Congrats to Emily & "the rest of the Squishes" who received NVC out status yesterday!! Never did I think we might meet in Korea, but here's hoping!

Happy One Week Anniversary to Michelle, Michael and Colin!


We've got gifts! We're always so shocked and touched by the outpouring of love and support that we get... this is no exception. We received the very generous gift of car seats from my parents. (complete with cup holders...) And we received the surprise gift of books and puzzles from one of Doug's colleagues. Thank you! (Hmmm... must put "thank you notes" on that ever-growing list of mine!)