Our Timeline

My real post will come later... but to answer the question about the timeline:We're not sure.

How's that for a definitive answer?! Not even in our most "optimistic" schedule did we have our packet going to Korea TWO WEEKS after receiving our legals. I mean, that's just insane! (But we will take it!)

Our fear is that the Korean side isn't expecting our packet in two weeks either so all the "Behind the Curtain" activities I alluded to before may still need to happen, leaving us with a mid-late May travel date. But, who knows, if the stars align we could also have an early-mid May travel date. I'm just trying to get everything together at this point. I'd prefer to be prepared, sitting around waiting (and crafting like a maniac) than going 48 hours straight on overdrive. (Which will happen anyhow - that's just how I roll.)

Once we show up in the DC system in about a week, I'll be able to call and see the status of our case... which won't help us project time frames any better, but we will be able to know when we are "getting close" since they'll be able to tell us when the Visa Interview gets scheduled.

So the short answer is "Who knows?!" Ugh!