It's Friday!!!

I'm really happy it's Friday. I'm not normally a TGIF person, but today I'm really in the TGIF mood. Maybe because:

  • It's been a rainy and dreary few days, and the weekend is supposed to be nicer
  • I've been sick and blegh, and could use a day to sleep in
  • We're going to dinner at a friend's house tomorrow and meeting her foreign exchange student from S Korea (yay!)
  • The I-600 approval has kicked my butt into gear and I'm anxious to start baby-prepping, and I have a free weekend to work on it...
  • I'm taking the afternoon off

Speaking of the I-600 approval and baby prepping... it really has kicked me into gear. While I haven't struggled with this wait at all, I have struggled with finding the inspiration to do anything to prepare. Yeah, I've done little things here and there, but nothing major. I'm a procrastinator (more on that in another post) and I find myself waiting until the 11th hour more often than I should. Last night though, I made a huge step forward. I finished the quilt front. It's based on a doodle of mine since I couldn't find a pattern I loved that was ultra simple and Mondrian-esque enough for my tastes. I love how it's coming along and am so excited to finish the rest of it...

quilt front