I-600... The Story. Now what?!

First, the story. [For posterity's sake... bear with me!] Let me set the scene for you...

I'm sitting on the couch working. I'm still sick, feeling sorry for myself (because of the cold among other things...) Quite the sad sack if I don't say so myself.

I see the mail person drop off the mail, and I gather up some enthusiasm to go see what she's brought me. There's lots of things I've been expecting in the mail lately: checks from clients, a book I ordered, baby supplies, a receipt from the USCIS office... and so far it's been (mostly) junk mail. (One very exciting package as well - but more on that later.) I open the mailbox and see that there is just one stinkin' manilla envelope in there. One! Then I see who the envelope is from... USCIS. My stomach drops. I fear that I've done something wrong and they are sending my packet back to me. I didn't dare hope that it was an approval (although I did, who are we kidding?!). I walk inside, shaking, and bring it over to the counter where I tear it open.

Imagine my joy when I see an APPROVAL notice!!! Below that was the receipt I was anxiously awaiting... little did I know...

So, now what?! Now our approval gets sent on to the National Visa Center, where it will get logged in and out. (This tends to take a week to two weeks) Here they will assign us a case number, and send our packet on to the US Embassy in Seoul by air mail. (That takes about a week) Once our packet gets to the Embassy, they send a packet out to our Korean agency. Now, if everything has happened on the Korean end and the EP (Emigration Permit) has been granted, then the packet should come back from the agency pretty quickly, and then the Visa Interview can be scheduled. (This seems to take about two weeks) Now if you add all these steps up, we're looking at a Visa Interview in as little as 5 weeks! Whoa! (Not that visa interview = travel call at the same time)

The best part of this process is that from here on out, there are phone numbers I can call to ask about our status....starting with calling NVC on Monday. [wink]

I think that finally (finally!) this is starting to all feel real... like this little boy is actually coming home... EEK!