Travel Tips & Cool Sites

I've been gathering all sorts of travel information and tips (and sites) for months now, and I thought why not post them here? Finding power sources and wifi at the airport:

Doug and I are constantly connected to our laptops. (And our Blackberry devices) While we'll probably only bring one with us to Korea, it would be nice to know where can find power and wifi if we were to be delayed, have a layover, or just to kill the two hours we have from the time we get to the airport to the time we board. Both of these sites will prove very useful I think: atlarge AirPower Wiki

While we're talking travel sites... another (more general) one I found: FlyerTalk

What I can and cannot bring on the plane:

As many of you know... I'm a big time knitter, so I'll definitely have a project with me. While you wouldn't believe what I've gotten on the plane needle-wise, I'll probably play it safe and double check this site before leaving: TSA - Transporting Knitting Needles

For you non-knitters, there is tons of useful info on there to aide you at the security checkpoint: Transportation Security Administration - For Travelers

On Capturing the Memories:

I've been trying to find a reason to purchase an Eye-Fi card for our camera, and now that they've added the Eye-Fi Explore to the suite of products... just imagine how much quicker I could get photos posted?! Anyone want to buy me an early birthday present?! [wink, wink]

For those of us fighting White Balance, I also came across this White Balance Lens Cap... hmmm... my list is growing and growing!

So, dear readers, have you got any sites or tips to add to my list?! Bring 'em on!

(I'll be adding to this post as I find things as well - best for me to have it all in one place!)