Cool Sites

I've been coming across a variety of fun sites lately (through a lot of you all), so I thought I'd share! This one compliments of  Krista's blog: Annabel Karmel (Food & Nutrition for Baby and Child... and nervous moms like me!)

Thanks to Jennifer D. for pointing me to this fun one: Bembo's Zoo (Type & Animals - all in one! Heaven.)

This one compliments of my husband's colleague: Your Baby Can Read! (Not cheap, but I'm all for encouraging reading... and people swear by this!)

Speaking of reading, these from One More Story Speakaboos (Part of me feels like there is just something wrong with books delivered in the online format... the other part thinks this is so handy when not at home and looking for educational entertainment. I also love that you'll be able to record your own on Speakaboos... great for traveling parents!)

And this one from my SIL Amanda (Auntie Wee): Starfall (I can't even begin to summarize this site because there's that many cool things on it!)

Thanks to Leah for helping me save money: Baby Cheapskate Mom Advice

Thanks again to Jennifer D. for introducing me to this one: Destination Dinners

More fun links coming soon...