Care Package

[Otherwise known as a whole lotta love squeezed into a little box] This week our care package for little boy should arrive in Korea. Doug and I had a lot of fun picking out the items to include both for him to wear and to play with. It was also fun for me to watch what Doug picked out for our son (which, in all honesty, was a good portion of the package). We sent a couple of outfits, the "Who Loves Baby" book, some disposable film cameras as well as a disposable video camera, a stuffed animal, some rubber duckies for those baths that he loves so much, and two blankets that I made. Both have super soft red fleece on one side and really soft printed flannel on the other.

We also sent little tokens of gratitude, coffee from a local roaster, to our case worker and our foster family. (The real gifts will travel with us, but they were so efficient with our additional medical requests we didn't feel like we could exclude them!)

Lastly, we wrote a letter to the foster family telling them about ourselves... so they know a little bit about the life our boy will be coming home to. In the letter we told them about us, our town, our pastimes and our dog. We also included photos of everything we talked about in the letter, so they could get to know us a little before we (hopefully!) meet them in Korea.

All of that fit in a 9x12x5 box - amazing!!