The Toy Explosion

I'm already dreading the "toys everywhere" syndrome that seems to come with having a child. I realize it's part of the deal... but I'm very nervous it's going to get out of control. Especially since the toybox is getting full already. My fear is that I will turn around one day and my family room will look like a toy store exploded. I've blogged about a company that's like Net*flix for toys, BabyPlays. Well, it looks like there is some competition with a company called Rent A Toy. I'm excited to check out the offerings of both of these companies. While I was initially put off by the price tag, I quickly realized how much toys cost this week while out shopping. And the opportunity to try new toys every thirty days is pretty cool. The icing on the cake is that the toys don't make my family room/living room their permanent home! Baby might be wishing for some gift cards to one of these options! (wink, wink)