So you say you want details???

Well, I'll give you details!! (finally!) It's hard to pick out what others would find interesting, so let me know if there is anything in particular you are wondering about. One caveat though: While we do know a bit about his birth parents, we will not be sharing any of that. We've decided that is his, and his alone. Anything else though - let me know! Without further ado... Here's a little bit about our son:

  • He was born on July 17th 2008 (ironically, he shares his birthday with my mom, which is just a few days after the birthday of Doug's mom!)
  • He's got curly hair... which is surprising (!) and crazy-cute...
  • And dark brown eyes
  • At 6.5 months he was already pulling himself up on sofas and tables, and...
  • Doesn't stay still for a moment... He "enjoys crawling around touching things" (anyone else think I'm in trouble here?!)
  • He's described as "bright and cheerful" and "outgoing and friendly"

And my favorite comment:

  • "He drools much." (That makes me laugh and wince all at once...)

It's funny to read this report, scouring it for little bits to piece together... to create a personality for this lil' guy. Several times it notes that he's a friendly baby who smiles a lot... yet there's only one semi-smirk photo in the 21 photos we received. I think it's cause he was a sleepy baby when they were taken... but it makes me chuckle. I'm thankful he seems to sleep until a decent time in the morning. (Although I think he'll have me on the go during the day!) It's fun to hear about how he "dabbles" in the bath and is easily frightened by loud noises (me too buddy, me too).

But most of all, reading his history and his report just makes us feel so, so lucky.