And now, a Word of Thanks...

[This post is about a week and a half late, but I seem to be about a week and a half behind on everything these days - so forgive me.] I want to take a moment and talk about how wonderful everyone has been. We're so lucky to have friends, family, and e-buddies that are so supportive. I especially want to thank all of you for all the support not only in the past couple of weeks, but also the past few months. You hung on tight with us through all the ups and downs on this crazy [roller coaster] ride. One day you were all supporting me - telling me it was ok to vent and have a pity party... Not even twenty four hours later you hung on tight for the 180 degree change of direction and celebrated with us as we got the wonderful news that we could officially move forward on our referral.

We're so honored and lucky to be sharing this journey with all of you. We are truly thankful for all of the support and caring you've shown us. It meant so much to see all the shout-outs on other blogs and to read all the sweet comments. It truly made us realize how —although it may have felt differently at times— we were never really alone on this journey.

It's been so wonderful to celebrate with you. It's also been wonderful to "meet" so many new people in the past couple of weeks (hi to all my new buddies/readers!) and learn of others' journeys and passions.

So, while it just doesn't seem like enough to show my gratitude:

Thank You.