The Story : The Acceptance

Finally - the most important part! We verbally accepted our referral on Thursday, February 26th (as soon as Doug got off the plane!) but our official acceptance is March 2nd because that's when our agency received our documents. I think it goes without saying, but we accepted him with our hearts the moment we heard about him! While I think Doug and I will forever remember all of these dates, I'm going to petition to make Valentine's Day February 17th in this house from here on out. That's the day we heard of our little guy and discovered a whole new kind of love.

Now, if everything goes according to plan (please, please let it go according to plan...) our papers should be getting FedExed to Korea tonight, for arrival Monday morning. YIPPPEEE!!! What does that mean?! That means that the countdown to travel will officially begin. In another post, I'll outline all the steps (as best I can) for what has to happen in order to travel.

I also know a bunch of you want a few more details... I'll try to post more on him soon. For now:


ps - you can also see how oh-so-sleepy he is in this one!