The Story : The Hold-Up

So, you must all be wondering why, if we got a call on February 17th, it took us this long to spill our beans?! Well, nothing is ever easy over here... Immediately, we sent his records to our pediatrician and an Int'l Adoption Physician (IAP). Our pediatrician gave us the thumbs up right away. But... A few more pieces of medical information were requested by the IAP. We sent the request for those on Thursday the 19th, and were told that it could take up to several weeks for the results to come back, and we weren't "able" to accept the referral until that time. (Due to the nature of what was requested.) Our world came to a screeching halt.

That following weekend was the longest weekend of my life. It was gut-wrenching to have a face and a personality that you so desperately wanted to bring into your family and yet you weren't able to move forward. While we knew none of those results would change our minds, we weren't able to accept until we had the results (I do wholeheartedly realize that they are working in our best interest here, it's just that it doesn't make it any easier to accept). That was so incredibly hard. The only thing that made it tolderable was that our SW released the acceptance packet to us, so that we could start working on that. We're so lucky she did since we were blind-sided by some of the items we needed. (Seriously people, how many times are we going to have to provide the same exact information!? Or completely random information that I haven't yet figured out?!) Anyway - I digress.

We moved through that first weekend by diligently working on our acceptance papers. (No small feat) I don't think we really slept or ate. We certainly weren't as excited as we wanted to be. It didn't help that Doug left on a business trip that Sunday. Luckily I had home repairs, taxes, and all sorts of "fun" stuff to distract me. (Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice?) I picked up the phone to call our SW at least a few dozen times a day. I never dialed the number though because I knew she would have no information yet. Finally, I legitimately had reason to call her on Wednesday of last week. We had to go over some questions on the acceptance papers. At the end of the conversation she told me she still hadn't heard back from Korea and that she was expecting to have to wait at least another few days, putting us into this week. I told her I understood, but that I constantly thought of calling her. She laughed. I don't think she realized how serious I was.

The next day was Thursday, Febraury 26th. My phone rings at 9:13 am. I was pretty sure it was our SW, but I figured she was calling back with some more information on the questions I had brought up the day before. Instead, she tells me that she had all the results that we had requested. Everything kicked into high gear. I was furiously texting Doug who was sitting on a plane in France, sending the records off to the IAP and our pediatrician. Deciding I couldn't wait for either of them, I called our pediatrician (who I should point out isn't even _our_ pediatrician... just a really good friend who happens to be a really good pediatrician) on his cell phone on his day off. He tells me that now he _really_ has no concerns and to move forward. The IAP has a few more things she wants to see (as you can all imagine, I was ready to die here) but luckily none of them were concerning enough to hold up our acceptance.

I had to wait FIVE hours for Doug's plane to land in London though for us to text and agree that yes - we are moving forward! It was horrible. I could not sit still. I'm obviously not as patient as I thought I was. Once Doug and I connected, I called Kathy and said YES, YES, YES!! It was actually a much longer conversation because we did have those oustanding issues, and she had to confirm that we were completely committed, etc. etc. But on Thursday, Febraury 26th, 2009 we verbally accepted the referral of our little boy who we had first heard about 9 days earlier.

We're really very lucky. It could have taken *much* longer to hear back from Korea. We could have had some surprises on the results. We could have needed more information that would have kept us from accepting that day. We're so very blessed that the timing worked out as it did. We knew from the moment we read his report that he was ours. It was just such a relief to be able to scream that from the rooftops. I seriously do not know how those of you who have to wait longer do it. (Really!)

The ironic twist in all of this was that we really did lose no time in all of this. We sent our papers out the same exact day we would have otherwise. Funny how things just all work out.

And, as a reward for sticking through this long-winded story... another photo: