The Story : The Referral

[I've decided to do this in stages... cause the whole story is tedious when you are trying to write it in one sitting, and I've only gotten this much done during my lunch hour! So following is part one.] On February 17th at 11:33 am, the phone rang. Proof that sometimes you just have to find peace with the wait for it to end. On the other end of the line was our social worker with the words we've been waiting to hear...

"I have a referral for you."

We heard about a little boy who was custom-made to be in our family. We became smitten. Wait. No, that's not exactly how it went...

Actually, what really happened is that *I* heard about a little boy, took frantic notes (even though I didn't have to since the referral would also come via email but I desperately wanted to write down the SW's interpretations), and tried to locate my husband. All at the same time. Thinking to myself, when will she just stop talking and send me the pictures?! I was dying to see this "curly-haired" boy! Turns out I didn't have to wait all that long to get those. She sent me the report and the photos before we even got off the phone. At which point, what little attention I was giving her quickly disappeared. At first, I could barely pay attention because I was thinking "Is this seriously happening?!" And then, I could barely pay attention because I wanted to absorb every single word of the report... and stare at the photos of course. I think my inability to comprehend anything at that point is best summed up by the fact that I had to ask her *twice* when he was born.

Once I hung up the phone with the SW, I began looking for my husband in earnest. I was skyping him the whole time I was on the phone with the SW with messages like "Hello?!," "Are you there?!," and finally "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?! IT'S IMPORTANT!!!" (His "available" status obviously a fib.) When that proved unfruitful, I emailed, called, and texted him in a matter of moments. It turned out he was in the deli across the street from the office waiting for an order that probably took longer than any order has ever taken there. Ever. Knowing the whole time *exactly* why I was frantically trying to reach him.

When he returned to his office, we read through the report together and looked at the photos. And then yes, we knew, this little boy was custom-made for our family. We were smitten. Completely. Totally. Smitten.

To be continued in "The Story : The Hold-up" but first - a picture! (You didn't seriously think I would do that to you, did you!?)

Here's our son (!) :

[Complete with bruise on the forehead... like I said, perfect for this family!]