Hello?!?! Anyone home?!

[Nope. Not here. Drapes are pulled, lights are off... ] I've written and deleted many a post over the last week. I'm in a funk, and while I try to distract myself from all that is annoying me, all my posts end up sounding like a big fat pity party. So I delete them. It's not just where we are in the adoption process - it's life as well. It's tax time, it's home repairs, it's work. Maybe it's the constantly gray and gloomy weather. But I so don't want to be one of "those" bloggers. So I'm going to try really hard to talk about all the things I'm distracting myself with. Will you all leave me if that happens?! If I talk about crafty things, foody things, and everything and anything but "life" things... will you hang on for the ride?!

Adoption News: waiting waiting waiting... so tired of waiting!