So, what I should be doing is catching up on email and a couple of other work-related things... but that's not fun. Instead, I'm blogging. And watching House. Two very fun things. I'll be kicking myself tomorrow since I will definitely be having a crazy work day due to procrastination. For all of you that I owe emails to... they are coming. Promise. We had a good weekend. Little bit of lounging (we're taking it while we can!) and a little bit of productivity. Since we're not big on the whole Valentine's Day thing, we had a nice dinner at home. [Nice dinner = Roasted Red Pepper Bisque, Lobster Ravioli, Filet, Asparagus with Boursin and Prosciutto, and Molten Lava Cakes for dessert - YUM!] Followed by a movie rental. Otherwise, the day was uneventful. (Intentionally so.) The biggest drama was the three hour search for my engagement & wedding rings. I'm not a religious ring wearer. Because, guaranteed that at some point, they will annoy me and I will take them off. Most times, I'm really conscientious of where I take them off. But not always. Case in point: Last week I was working on something and they were flailing around (not unusual in this cold weather)... So I took them off... I even thought as I was taking them off "This is not a really smart place to put these." Yet, I did anyway. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Flash forward to me freaking out on Saturday looking all over for them. Finally found them in between two parts of the sectional. That is why I'm not a religious ring wearer... I think I'll stick with my "storing them safely in the nightstand" technique.

Otherwise, we're still waiting. Maybe tomorrow will bring a phone call. Maybe not. Either way, I'm OK with that. Even if it doesn't sound that way from my last post. It's very different to be waiting with *no* movement and just waiting for it to be your turn, moving up the list. I have my theories on when the phone will ring, based solely on our work and travel schedules the next couple of weeks. Cause calls coming in when one of us is completely unavailable for extended periods of time is the way things work over here! At least it makes life interesting.

I'm borrowing this handy little idea from Tracy's blog, so for those of you here looking for the *big announcement* can just scroll to the bottom of every post where I'll put our status in bold. That way, not everyone has to read my [sometimes mundane] thoughts on life, crafts and Korea that are upcoming.

Adoption News: Still waiting for our referral!