Still Here. Still Waiting.

[First, thanks to all who checked in on me... It feels nice to know I'm missed! ;-)] So, I'm not sure why I haven't posted in over a week (Yikes - over a week?! Wow.) I keep starting to blog, but just can't get my thoughts together to form a comprehensive post that anyone would want to read. Not for lack of trying, and not for lack of thoughts... So, I figure that I'll start with one very random post, kind of a week in review, kind of not, but hopefully one that clears out all these thoughts out of my head so I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Let's go straight to the important stuff. (I know that's why you're all here...kidding...ok, but you really are, right?!) We're still waiting. But, we're also still moving up the list! So thanks to everyone who has had their fingers crossed, said prayers to higher powers, or thrown positive thoughts our way. Earlier this week, another girl I've been "waiting with" got her call. She was "next" back in October. And then this slow down happened. I can't even imagine how hard it would have been to be "next" for that long. I struggled, and I wasn't even "next." So, needless to say, I was just a little excited when I heard her news. It wasn't like I jumped out of my chair screaming "YEEEEESSSS!!!" and proceed onto a touchdown dance of sorts. Nope. Not at all like that. Just a nice "congrats!" Right.

So for now, we wait. But we're so very, very close... I can just feel it!

In other news:

- Hubby turned another year older last week. To celebrate we went out to dinner with his family at our local Korean restaurant. Where he and I were recognized as "regulars." Love that. Makes me feel a little bit like I belong to this culture we are adopting.

- Speaking of the Korean culture, I've got some new obsessions. Korean language and Korean dramas. More on those in another post though...

I still have a bunch of things running through my mind... like crafty stuff, job stuff, general life stuff... but I'm tired and my laptop is just about out of juice. So I guess I'll have to post another random post soon.