Still playing... this game sponsored by the letter "L"

I saw this fun game on Our Promised Son, and thought it looked like fun! Here are the rules... If you want to play, leave a comment on this post letting me know, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on!

Tracy gave me the letter "L" ... here goes!

LAUGHING: I'll take it however I can get it - movie, book, email joke. My favorite way to laugh is when I get together with some of my friends and a funny story turns into a side-holding, tears running down the face, laugh-a-thon. You know what I'm talking about... And sometimes it even results in a quote that someone said that will make me laugh for years to come. It's been a little too long since I've had one of those episodes though. Hmm... gals?! Who's volunteering to help me out here?

LIGHTING: Aquarium lighting to be exact. I just upgraded my lighting in my saltwater tank and I am obsessed with my tank again. It was well worth the effort of saving up for it, the results are stunning. I might even need to spend some of my christmas money that I still have on new LIVESTOCK for the tank... like a firefish or some new corals. The LIVESTOCK I already have also love the new lighting... they have all sorts of vim and vigor now!

LANGUAGE: I've been working hard on learning a new language. (Korean of course!) If I accomplish this on any level, it will be a major achievement for me. I barely have a hold on English grammar (as you may have gathered from reading this blog) and have never successfully taken a language class before. I've had to take a couple years in high school, but it was easy enough to pass elementary Spanish with the bare minimum of studying. That, and the fact that I had a native speaker as a good friend also helped. So, I'm now learning Korean and have the vowels and consonants down in sight and sound (meaning I can recognize them in writing and pronounce them... at pretty close at least!) and I've got about two dozen words already learned. Yay me!

LATTES: I'm a coffee girl through and through... and I love my lattes. One of my all-time favorite treats!

LUNCH: I also like lunch. I like all meals pretty much, but I always look forward to the rare treat of getting to have lunch with friends. I especially love lunch down the street with the littles in the hood! (So what if it's hot dogs?! It's lunch with MB, S, A, C, G, A... and if I'm really lucky, J & E! When I'm surrounded by all my favorite little buddies, I don't care what's for lunch... although I do love hot dogs!)

LEMON MERINGUE PIE: While we are on the food-centric kick, I also love Lemon Meringue Pie (heck - I love dessert, but that doesn't start with "L") But there is something about Lemon Meringue that I'm a sucker for. On the rare occasions that we see it as a dessert offering, I get a piece... even if it's got to be "to go."

LEAVES: Spring and Fall are the seasons I love the most... and I can't think of either of them without thinking of leaves... budding in the spring, or changing colors in the fall. I also have realized that as I look around the house, I have a lot of pottery & art with leaves on it. Who knew!?

LAPTOP: I know, it's sad... but I really do love my Mac laptop. It seems to be constantly attached to me, and I try to think that I use it for good instead of evil... but I'm not too sure that all the time I obsess over adoption boards is good... One of my favorite things to do is to sit in a local cafe with a latte and my laptop reading the news or some of my fave blogs. (Or shopping, but that's a confession for another day!)

LOOPS: [of yarn or thread] I'm a crafty girl. I'm happiest when crafting. In my world, it's a perfect evening (and there have been way too few of these of late) if I'm in front of the TV with a knitting or sewing project in my LAP... speaking of LAPS - I'd LOVE to fill mine with a LITTLE kid of my own!