I've been tagged...and I'm (finally) playing along.

Emily tagged me over a month ago (I know, I know - but in my defense... I was sick, then the holidays, then this project... It's not like I was avoiding it...) to: Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog... some random, some weird. Tag 7 friends at the end of your post.

At first I thought "easy!" Then I started my list and I thought "Oooo - not so easy..." Especially since I was trying to avoid the obvious "I hate to get my face wet" that so many of you already know! So for those of you tagging me with *25* things... it may be a while! So here goes:

1. I bought my hubby a really nice coffee maker and grinder for his birthday... but it was really a gift for me too. (Maybe even more so since I am here _all_the_time_.)

2. I don't like scary movies. I sleep with the lights on if I accidentally watch one. I also can't watch scary shows while hubby is traveling... which means he has to watch way more Law*Order and C*S*I than he wants to upon his return.

3. I'm becoming obsessed with my saltwater aquarium... again.

4. I wonder if we'll have more than one child. Or if we'll have one child, and many dogs. Or if we'll have one child, one dog, and host foreign exchange students (from S. Korea of course!) instead.

5. I'm beginning to think that my stash of fabric, yarn and glass (for stained glass) is excessive.... It's shocking to think I may not *need* it *all.*

6. I have a happy meal toy on my desk (the giraffe from Madagascar) that goes "What are we going to do!?" when you shake it that I find way more humor in than I should.

7. Even though I work out of a home office... I never work in my pajamas. Not even when I'm sick.

OK, there's my seven things. I don't even think I followed the rules since 1: none of them are really "weird." and 2: I think some of those could be categorized as "random thoughts" and not "factoids."

Now who to tag?! I'm kind of late in the game, and some of the people I really want to tag don't have blogs... so... while I'm breaking rules, I'm changing the "tag seven people" to "readers, share 1 or more facts with me in the comments so I don't feel all alone!" Or, readers, e-buddies, and friends... play along and post seven facts in the comments or on your blogs!! I can't wait to hear your random or weird facts...