Fantastic Thing #1 - One Incredible Fundraiser

An e-buddy of mine is holding a raffle to raise money to offset the costs of the adoption... and the prize is incredible (And fantastic!) While I firmly believe that the costs associated with adoption are legitimate and fair, it's not cheap. There are a lot of agencies and people involved in creating families, and if I were to be honest, I really don't think that they get paid enough. Seriously. I don't have any complaints about what our journey is "costing" us... but it is scary to look at some of those numbers that we'll have to come up with. So anyway, before I get off on a tangent, Shelley is holding one heck of a raffle... the prize is a Canon digital SLR, Crumpler Camera Bag, and Cotton Candy by Natalie Camera Strap. Oooo... isn't it exciting!? I've entered. I even know who I would give the prize to if I win. (That's right, I wouldn't actually *keep* the prize.... ok maybe the bag... but not the camera...) I've got my fingers crossed!! But hurry - there's not much time left!! The contest ends at 11:59 February 2nd... so get on over to her blog and buy a raffle ticket!!