A Brand New Day

I woke up this morning feeling like a new person. While I'm still hacking and sniffling, and I can't really hear out of one ear, I at least feel as though I'm *present* and not functioning through a cloud. I feel energized and ready to catch up on everything I've been slacking on. After weeks of barely feeding and clothing myself, it's a nice feeling to have. Granted, it's quickly replaced with a feeling of dread when I see the state of sloppiness the house has slid into... but that's a complaint for another day! I'm also back to a "good place" in terms of the wait... thank you all for attending my pity party... and for the words of encouragement in the comments and emails. I'm not really "that person" and spent most of the time being annoyed... thanks for hanging in there with me and keeping me sane.

I'm still working on my goals for the year (I know, I know... it's January 6th already - but I was sick! And anyway... as long as they are done some time in January, they should count.) I've used this list of questions from Simple Mom to inspire me. Some of my answers shock me. Some of them don't. All of them make me stop, think, reflect... which is really what the new year is about... no?