A magical moment to tide you over...

from my sister: So I was making dinner...and I hear all sorts of fire sirens and such... interspersed with very loud Christmas music!  J runs to the door and yells for me to come see...I run to the door and there's Santa perched atop a fire truck, with a mighty spotlight on him!!  The truck is BLARING christmas carols...and there's another vehicle towing a float decked out in Christmas lights filled with waving people...followed by another fire truck.  I had no idea to expect this little impromptu Christmas display - and it was such a nice surprise and made me so thankful for being in my new community!

How's that for unexpected Christmas spirit?! I love it!

After hearing this, I had two thoughts... 1 - how can I get this to happen in my town? and 2 - of course her community would have this... they're the ones who couldn't close their door on Halloween since the stream of trick-or-treaters was that steady!