Not going to say "I'm Back" again...

[Note: Please scroll down to the next post for the magical moment of the day!] Holy Crumpets People... I actually didn't know you could feel _that_ bad from a cold/flu/whatever and come out the other side of it! Considering that I have actually had a near-death experience in my life, I don't use the term "I thought I was going to die" lightly... so instead, I'll say "I thought I was going to end up hospitalized." Multiple times actually. When I was shaking so violently from the chills that I couldn't sit up, much less get my mug of soup to my mouth. When I was so weak I couldn't stand up from a sitting position...which proved really interesting when I had to, oh... use the restroom. (Real enough for you Emily?!)  When I was crawling back to bed (literally) and decided the floor was good enough and that a pile of dirty laundry would make a fine pillow. When I realized that my fever was 102.7 and if I wanted to stay away from the ER, a lukewarm shower was in order. [Note: When 102.7 fever results in crazy, bone-jarring chills a "lukewarm" shower feels like the equivalent of skinny dipping in the Arctic. I pray that I never suffer from hypothermia.] And I really knew it was bad when my husband brought home a slice of my favorite lasagna and I couldn't eat more than than three bites.

Now, my question is, what would I have done if I had a child to care for as well?! I can't even fathom that. Do you think the 9*1*1 operator would laugh at me if I called and said "the baby is crying and there is no way in the world I can drag my sorry bum out of bed to deal with that... can you send someone over?" Or would I just get fined for improper use of the emergency system? And don't tell me that "I'd power through it" ... there's no way that disease wasn't knocking me on my ass for 48 hours.

Luckily it seems to be going as quickly as it came... which hopefully means I'll be able to salvage the rest of this week. Because, really, 48 hours of Whatever-Hell-I'm-In disease is enough!

More articles I've come across that I have found interesting: [I should say that I don't wholly agree with everything in these articles (or the ones I've shared earlier for that matter), but I do feel that it's important to see and hear all viewpoints. And I do think that there are valid points in them all...]

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