Deck the Halls

I realized after writing my post about the holiday lights that I've had a movie on Tivo since last Christmas, that I've never gotten around to watching... "Deck the Halls." Even though it has an all-star cast, it didn't receive great reviews, and I think that resulted in me not watching it. Well, I watched it this afternoon while doing some mindless, tedious work. I figured I at least needed the reference for creating my tacky house tour. First of all, I actually liked the movie... and I'm a little embarrassed by that. Completely predictable, but it still had some great moments and some quotes that were tailor made for me this season. I even found myself getting teary at the end when the whole town comes together... I mean, really, I think I need help before I go off the deep end. I get fabulous holiday movie recommendations from you guys (gals) and I watch "Deck the Halls"?!?! But it did give me an idea of what the gold standard should be for my holiday lights tour:

And then I realized that it actually is possible to stumble across these...

[I believe this one made it to "viral video" status last year...]

[Like this one? They have a *ton* on youtube!]

And how could I not include this one?!

Look, I kind of just gave you a light tour in the comfort of your own homes!! Wasn't that oh-so-nice of me?