These are a few of my favorite things...

[A short post tonight since I'm feeling like I'm fighting off a cold.] I'm writing out my final cards for Holiday Mail for Heroes. The fireplace is going, I'm sipping hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) and enjoying a piece of gingerbread. The tree is twinkling... and I think I am finally happy with the decorating of it. It's one of those cozy nights. I hear the wind blowing outside... but I'm inside enjoying all of these comforts.

I'm obsessed with gingerbread houses lately. I have no desire to make one, but I enjoy seeing them. These are fabulous. As are these. And these are just unreal. (You have to watch the videos to understand what I am talking about.) I think I'll stick to building things with Legos!

Note: If you want to do the Holiday Mail for Heroes, but are wondering where to get the time - or cards - there's another alternative. Check out Let's Say Thanks, where all you have to do is pick a postcard design, write your message, and hit send. Thanks Mom for telling me about that one!