Not magical, not magical at all

So, some of you may have noticed that there was no "magical moment" post yesterday. (Most of you, I'm sure, didn't - but that's ok... it's really an exercise to help me enjoy the season more... you just get to suffer through it with me!) Anyway. No magical moment. Why, you ask? Well, I somehow locked myself out of my own account last night. When I wasn't looking I must have changed the password. Yeah - I don't know how that happened either. But never fear... I got it back! Then, I figured, while I'm doing all this tinkering on the blog, why not upgrade so I can get rid of this annoying bar at the top of my admin page. (Deep down, I was also hoping that it would allow my avatar - thanks Melinda for cluing me in on correct terminology - to show up on other blogs) Well, I accidentally copied over the content folder since I was only half paying attention!!! EEEK!!! This is why you should always make a copy of your files before upgrading. Thank god I did. So, I'm back up and running... although my avatar still won't show up on other blogs (even after looking into Elizabeth's tips!)... I guess I'm destined to be a quilt square forever. I guess there's worse things to be... although I do find it annoying. Oh well. So here's a cute story to make up for my lack of a magical moment:

Right before Thanksgiving, I went to the post office in town. I'm not a big fan of the post office... well, at least our post office. First, it takes forever there. Second, there used to be this really rude guy who worked there... I mean really rude. And he had attitude. I haven't run into him in a while though. So I'm hoping he "retired." Anyway... I procrastinate on the post office since I just don't enjoy it. So I finally sucked it up on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and dragged my butt down there. I open the door and find... a line 10 people long, with only one postal worker at the counter. I sigh, and figure that at least the evil guy wasn't there. I drag my bag of parcels to the end of the line and make an internal over/under bet on the wait time. In front of me is a mother and her son (whom I'm guessing was about four since he wasn't in school). He turns to me and says,

"Guess What?!"

"What??" I reply.

"Thanksgiving is in TWO days!!" he shouts.

"I know, are you excited?!" I ask.

He answers "Yes, but mostly because after that comes Christmas." The word Christmas sounds like it's a big secret... as if only he knows it's coming. It was really cute. At this point his mom turns to me and gives me the "I'm-really-sorry-my-kid-is-pestering-you" look, and I respond with the "hey-it's-passing-the-time" look.

"Oh, and you're excited for Christmas?!" I respond.

"Oh yes, I can't wait!!!!" he answers while bouncing in his little light-up shoes.

[Hmmm... I wonder where this is going... can it possibly be because Santa shows up and brings lots of presents?!]

I then proceed to say "Why is that?!" thinking in my skeptical mind I'm about to get a long wish list recited to me...

He looks me right in the eye and says "Cause my dad says I have to wait til then to give my mom her gift. I made it all myself, you know."

[OK - totally not what I was expecting...]

At this point my heart melts a little and I respond by saying "Yeah, well if you made it I bet she's going to love it!"

His eyes get really big and he responds with a very hushed "Yeah????" and looks over at his mom who was not only very surprised at this turn of events, but obviously very touched. He looks back at me and goes "I hope so...."

The conversation then deteriorated into the normal stuff you talk to four-year-olds about. But I, for one, was moved by this lil' guys desire to give his mom a great gift. I'm dying to know what it was - aren't you?!

EDITED TO ADD: I don't know how, but I solved all of my avatar woes... I'm no longer a quilt square! YAY!