It's like the Griswold's ... only better.

I was out running some errands tonight, in the shopping mecca one town over. I was looking for some outdoor decoration options. Something compact that would add a little pizazz to the house. Right now we have no outdoor decorations, and it's pathetic. Especially when you look at some of the other houses in the neighborhood. They are done up in lights! Oh, and did I mention that they are right next door? And across the street? So it's like you are driving down the street going "look at all these beautiful lights" ... then you get to our house and it's pitch dark. That's when people remark "what scrooges live there?!" Anyway I digress. I was in Target, shopping for something to jazz up the house. I found nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. You get my point. I know what I want... but I'm just not finding it. I think I may need to search online... or I may need to check out Home Depot. They have to have a good selection... right? So after that thoroughly depressing trip, I decided to take the back roads home, and see if I could gather any ideas from others. I was about halfway home when saw lights flashing down one of the side roads. Being the nosy body concerned citizen that I am, I decided to see what was going on. I was convinced I would come across multiple emergency vehicles. Uh, no. What I spied was someone's "holiday decor." The house and roof were covered in flashing lights. There was every yard decor item known to man in the front yard, and when they ran out of room there, they started hanging them on the fence. It was unbelievable. The only way I could describe it is "Like the Griswolds... only worse." If I had my wits about me, I would have taken a picture.

Which brings me to my next holiday moment. It's going to take some planning, but it's going to be worth it. I remember when I was younger I used to love this stuff. There were neighborhoods that were known to do this crazy-ass all out decorating. And we would make an effort to go there... and then, get this, we would snake our way down to the neighborhood from several, several blocks away where the looooong line of cars started. It was like a freakin' tourist attraction! And I. Loved. It. So I'm going to pack up some hot cocoa and map out a plan and drive around one night next week to find the local haunts. I'm thinking there *has* to be some good ones. I'm hoping for success, cause then I can take my little neighbors on a tour and see it all through their eyes.

So tell me... do you have "all out decorators" where you are!? Are you an all-out decorator or a "dark and shuttered house" like me?!