Three months!

[I'll be posting a magical moment later on tonight...] This afternoon I realized that today marks the three month mark since our Home Study went to Korea. On one hand it snuck up on me, on the other it feels like it's been longer. I guess life is like that though???

Last month was hard. There were several factors that came into play in that, including the fact that there were *no* referrals last month. The last referral my agency received from Korea was mid-October. Ugh! The worst part is that it seems to have been across the board... several of the forums/boards I am on had no referrals either, and they represent several agencies. It's hard to wait, but it's even harder when there is no movement. I'm really hoping for a strong end to the year referral-wise!

So, that said, I'm really happy to be halfway through the wait! (Or if we're lucky, more than halfway!)

Three months down, ??? to go!