Do you believe in Magic?

We seem to have a bit of the "bah humbugs" here. Meaning?! We're seriously lacking holiday spirit. I knew it was bad when my husband suggested the world would be better without the holidays. So... I'm doing a Countdown to Christmas... with a twist. Remember when the holiday season was almost magical? (OK - maybe it still is for some) Remember the joy we all used to feel as kids when the holidays were right around the corner?! Now I feel that it's stressful, commercialized and filled with obligations... leaving us frazzled, annoyed and wishing for it to be over. Not what I want during the "most wonderful time of year." So I'm attempting to bring the magic back. In small, simple ways. (I don't want it to become yet another thing to check off my list!) Everyday for the next 24 days, I'll be posting about magical moments. Observed. Created. Remembered.

Instead of opening little windows on a cardboard box and finding a stale piece of chocolate, I'll be recording moments that make this season special. And hopefully, I'll find the magic I've lost along the way.

I invite you all to join me in the journey!

Now it's off to put the finishing touches on the tree and start decorating the rest of the house... and later I'll be having some hot cocoa!

EDITED TO ADD: Apparently my hubby doesn't believe the holidays should be done away with, just re-vamped. (Per his comment below.) My error.