Sincere Thanks...

to all of you! Thank you all so much for your wonderful, caring thoughts, comments and emails. It means so much to us to have a wonderful support group out there. Thanks for helping us through one of the harder days of the journey, words can't express our appreciation. * * * * * *

In other news:

• Everyone who asked for the password should have it... please let me know if I missed you!

• I slept for almost 12 hours last night and awoke feeling like a new person. I also woke to torrential downpours. Where were you yesterday nasty weather?! That's when I could have used you! Then it would have been appropriate to my mood. We're starting to get some flooding in town and our retention pond is filling up, so I'm hoping this ends soon.

• Last week I redeemed some Amazon gift certificates I had earned for doing some surveys. (Want me to answer questions?! Give me an incentive and I will happily answer them for you!) So I was able to indulge in some items that were on my wish list: Adoption Parenting, I Wish for You a Beautiful Life, and Crafty Mama.

They arrived in the mail today so I am pretty excited to check them out! More soon on all of those.

[So in case you haven't figured it out... it's been a random kind of no-news day. Which was very much needed here.]

* * * * * *

Two more days of thanks to go... and then on Friday I'll announce my "Countdown to Christmas" plans!