Big Decisions

This weekend we had a big decision to make. One that has already been made in our guts, but one that we're still waiting to see if our heads and hearts agree. Sorry to be vague... I'll post more once we decide for sure, and tell the appropriate parties that are involved. I'd hate for them to read about it on the blog first! I'll probably be password protecting that post. (I cannot believe that is going to be the first password protected post....geez!) So let me know if you want the password. I'm assuming nothing, so while many of you are already on my "mental list" I'll only be sending it to those who ask! So, I'm thankful for our ability as a couple to make huge decisions together. Individually we came to the same decision, together we agreed that it's the right choice for us, and moving forward we feel at peace with what we have decided. We're still waiting for a few more factors to play out, but we've pretty much made up our minds. That feels good.

I'm also thankful for the delicious meal we had out last night, and the emotional escape it allowed. It involved an ocean view, a bottle of wine, and some serious comfort food. Wonderful!

I'm emotionally exhausted. I'm very much looking forward to "24" tonight... I need a little action-packed adventure!