Wait, what do you mean it's Friday!?

I'm not really sure what happened here. Oh wait, it must have been those three rush jobs that came through this week. So I've been really busy with work. A good busy. A "What do you mean it's 5pm on a Friday?!" busy. Not only is it a good distraction from the wait, but it's pretty nice in general. It's going to be even nicer when I get paid for those rush jobs as well! [wink] So, while I haven't had time to post... I have had time to think of my thankful things...

Wednesday I was thankful… for being really (really) busy. I like accomplishing a lot, being productive, and watching the time fly by. I also thrive on stress, so I feel super alive during those times.

Thursday I was thankful… for TV. I wish it was more than that... but I was on-schedule to bill double that of a normal week, and I just didn't have any energy left to be thankful for anything that required more than me vegetating in front of the TV. Lame, I know.

Today I am thankful… for a couple of things. For the unexpected. For good friends. For incredible clients and colleagues. For good food and wine. For all of this coming together in one day that leaves me stating "This is such a great day!" Multiple times over.

I'm off to a girlfriend's house for two or three glasses of wine (I'm not even going to pretend like it's going to be just one) as well as some yummy appetizers. I hope all of you are enjoying a good evening yourself!