The things you learn...

Over the weekend, Doug and I were out walking the dog and I asked him what his grandfathers' names were. I thought that it was a pretty straight-forward question. It was just never a subject we covered. One name, Joseph, he got right off the bat. The second name required some hemming and hawing and a tentative "Willis. Or maybe it was William... maybe he went by Willis but his real name was William??" At that point I started giving him grief. Bad move.

The next afternoon I found him on researching his family tree. (Which he is doing awesome on!) Of course, I immediately wanted him to start filling out my family tree and started reciting all my grandparents first *and* middle names. (call me a show-off) He was able to find a 1930 population census with my great-grandfather's info as well as his spouse, and all seven children listed. I immediately called my parents to tell them about it. Well, during that conversation I found out that I had both maternal grandparents' middle names wrong... and get this... I found out that my paternal grandfather was born with a different first name than the one I knew! I knew that he and my dad had changed their last name in the 50's, but I didn't know that he had a different first name as well! (No, he wasn't part of the witness protection program in case you were wondering... ) I mean, who knew?! So, the moral of the story... don't give your husband grief about stuff until you are sure you got your own stuff straight.

So today I’m thankful… for sites like Because without that, we never would have found that document from 1930. And if we never found that document, I never would have had those conversations with my parents about their parents. Imagine all that history and family folklore lost?!

Don't worry though - I'll find something else to give hubby grief about! [wink]