Wow - what a wonderfully productive weekend! I exercised both yesterday and today. (Well, I did if you consider power walking for 2.5 miles exercising. I do. I'm working up to 5 miles. We'll see if that happens.) I'm working on a slipcover for a chair and was able to get all the pieces measured and cut. I ran errands. I moved some furniture around. I made a huge dent on all the stuff in the future nursery. Stuff that doesn't belong there. Stuff that ended up there since it was convenient. Granted, I have piles of stuff in the basement now, but that is much more manageable. I also ... Influenced and educated the minds of college students. Watched a movie, no watched two movies! Knit. A lot. Had some good wine. Slept in. It's the first weekend in a long time that I am ending it really proud of how much I have done.

Now, you may remember this post I did about the nursery paint. Jennifer D. (one of my IRL friends!) pointed me in the direction of magnetic primer. So of course I needed to incorporate that into my nursery! Now, it's not non-toxic - but it is cool. Very cool. And I figure that the non-toxic paint on top of it will help negate it. Right?  So far I have three coats on the wall. It stinks to high heaven, but it's working! I plan to put another coat on tomorrow since I don't know that the three "thin" coats they suggested are enough. (Magnets hold, but don't hold paper like the pretty pictures on the box show and I fear that the other paint on top will lessen the magnetic power.) And I still have some in the can, so why not?! So now my chalkboard is going to be magnetic as well. Cool huh?!

[One thing that makes me a little nervous is that it dries *black* ... I'm hoping that the Mythic paint covers well! Since I didn't really "stay in the lines."]

And I can't forget:

I’m thankful… for my neighbors... who have also become friends. They have been so supportive during this time. Not only with their thoughts and care, but with their stuff! We've gotten a crib from our friend MB, a changing table (with g diapers!) and a diaper dekor from our friend J, a rocking chair from our other friend J, toys (including a bunch of leapfrog stuff) from G and J... It's amazing! It's so nice to be able to use such loved items for our child. We love that we are able to give things that have served their purpose elsewhere a home, and I'm not going to lie... it's nice on our budget. It allows me to splurge on things like magnetic primer!

OK - time for a little TV and then off to bed! Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!