I'm back.

After two days of email, internet and phone issues ... I'm back! It's times like these that I feel like I moved to "way-out-in-the-boonie-ville." It's also times like these when my tic comes out due to lack of connectivity. But I'm back. I'm not going to dwell on the negativity! [wink] Although if someone knows why it's so difficult to fix my land line (a piece of technology that has been around for over 1,000 years) - I'd love to know! So I have some catching up to do....

Thursday I was thankful… for $1.99 per gallon gas! After paying $4.30 a gallon back in August I was ready to do a back flip at the pump!

Friday I was thankful… for my 30% Off [Give & Get] G*p & Old N*vy coupon (Thanks Melissa!). When it became obvious my technology issues weren't going to be resolved quickly, I was able to indulge in some shopping. I bought some much needed jeans and turtleneck sweaters as well as three Christmas gifts!

Today I was thankful… for the e-buddies I've made through this journey and this blog. When my email started kicking back in this morning I found several emails from people I've come to consider friends... friends that I'd never have met without this blog... who are helping keep me sane during this journey.

I'm also thankful… for the friends I've had for years now. Who not only support us through this journey, but have supported us on all our journeys and craziness!