A day of remembrance

I’m thankful… for the Veterans. For all those who have stood up and fought for this country & the rights I take for granted, I'm thankful. And while we're at it, I'm also thankful for all those who are still fighting on behalf of the stars and stripes. Thank you. Happy Veterans Day everyone! But, that's not the only holiday being celebrated! Over in South Korea they are celebrating Pepero Day! It sounds similar to our Valentine's Day in that young people and couples exchange Pepero Sticks, candy and gifts. What's a Pepero you ask? It's a cookie stick dipped in chocolate. (yum!) Now, I won't go on and pontificate on how strange I find it that a candy product has it's own holiday... but I bet there are some corporations over here who would love for that trend to occur here as well! Anyway, Happy Pepero Day everyone!

UPDATED TO ADD: OK, maybe not the best Pepero Day according to this blog... but next year I'll be celebrating in full force!