Twenty Days of Thanks

Thanks to all of your comments and emails, I was able to come up with some other options as to why the holiday insanity is making me crazy. I've edited that post to include several more options (if you're interested the edits are in italics). Yesterday, I had one more realization why this much focus on the holidays now bothers me. It occurred to me that by focusing so much attention on the December holidays in early November, we're completely glazing over Thanksgiving. (And for those corporations and retail establishments who start in early October, you're glazing over Halloween as well - shame on you!)

While Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday, I don't think it deserves to get shafted by the holiday season. It's one of the few holidays that most everyone gets off for, no presents are required, and it's main purpose is to give thanks. I mean, really, that's not so bad - right?!

So, I'm introducing to you "Twenty Days of Thanks." From now until Thanksgiving I'm going to think of something that I'm thankful for every day. If I get it together enough, I might even post my thankful item every day! (See, all of you NaBloPoMo participants are inspiring me!) Worst case, I'll post every few days with a few items. I really do think that I have a lot to be thankful for, and I think that in this crazy thing called life it's easy to forget that. So here goes:

I'm thankful... for this adoption journey. I've learned so much about myself, my husband, and our relationship. The growth I've seen not only in myself, but in my relationships makes me proud, and I'm not sure that would have happened if it weren't for this journey.

[Note: This was intended to be published yesterday... can you tell?!]