OK - maybe it's me.

OK, so I'm beginning to think I might be the only one with issues of holiday insanity commercials & muzak the first week of November. Not only from the comments here, but from conversations with friends and neighbors. So I thought about why I had such a negative reaction. There's two several possibilities.

Option 1: In my former life I worked for a large ad agency and was responsible for the marketing of a large coffee chain. We had to release all holiday promotional files by September for production. Which meant we kicked off the project in March/April and worked straight through summer on "Holiday." That meant listening to carols in May, June, July... you get the picture. Looking at holiday imagery. Thinking about holiday copy. All-in-all it felt like it was constantly the holiday season. By the time the real holidays rolled around I wanted to throw up at the slightest "jingle" or "happy holidays." So I may be tainted forever.

Option 2: Prior to working at the large agency, I was in college (ok, there were actually a few years in between college and big agency... but work with me here.) In college, we had finals late. I think I usually got home from college somewhere in between the 21st and the 23rd of December. With nothing done... no gifts purchased, no cards sent, no laundry clean. Ugh. My heart is racing thinking about it!

Option 3: The holiday has become too commercialized and less magical. (Keep watching here since I've come up with a different kind of holiday countdown for next month!) I love carols and cocoa. Snowmen and sledding... all the things that *should* be associated with the holiday - but they seem to have gotten lost in the mix.

Option 4: It just takes bad news one year to tarnish the holiday. I won't go into what the bad news was... but it came December 22, 1992. To this day I still wake up struggling to breathe on that day.

Option 5: Year end deadlines. Do I even need to say anymore?!

Option 6: By focusing so much attention on something that is happening in over a month, it gives the impression that what is happening *today* is not as good. Or that nothing good will happen between now and then. Life goes fast enough as it is... why are we rushing it more?!

Option 2 Option 7: Not knowing when the big "R" word will happen, I find it so hard to think about future months. Mostly it's been for the planning of big work-related things, but now I find it's slowly starting to creep into my personal life too. Otherwise, why can I not bear to think about the holidays right now?!