Paint Colors

As promised, here's the low down on what I decided on for paint colors. Since we're really trying to be "green" here ... and non-toxic... I've chosen Mythic Paint. No idea on how I'm going to afford buying all this paint yet, but that's a worry for another day!

I've left the paint names in as well, since I think they are kind of fun. I really struggled with paint selection. I wanted it to work well with the fabric I chose, so I started by matching the dots, but I ruled out red and bright orange pretty quickly (even if they are my two favorite colors in the world) since they aren't exactly restful. I then found lighter shades that coordinated with the full intensity colors since that much bold color in a room would be too much. (I learned that the hard way in our last place.) But I didn't want to go the route of "baby colors" either... I wanted something that would grow with the child. And I think the teals and the greens work. I also think that anyone who knows my IRL [in real life] is laughing their bum off since I bet those colors already appear elsewhere in my house. (Yes, I am considering using leftover paint.)

Now, why five paints? Well, the yellow is for the ceiling (If my husband doesn't freak out when he reads this that is.) And the greens and the blues are to ideally do something like this on one wall:

[Think I'm crazy? I do too. We'll see if it actually happens!]

What's the black band you ask?! Well, that's blackboard. I know, I know... I'm kind of behind on the whole chalkboard on the walls trend... but it's really not my fault that I couldn't get it together to have a kid earlier on! And I think I'll use this stuff to make that happen.

Crazy? Overwhelming? Yes and Yes. I think for starters I'll just aim to *any* paint up on the walls.