Mod Mama & Crazy 8

I'm having a lo-key day today since I'm fighting some sort of cold... so that means I'm surfing the web. (More than usual!) What goodies did I find? First, I found that my favorite local baby store, Mod Mama, now has a blog! I've spoken about Mod Mama before... but I don't think I've ever gone into why I love that place. First, it's a tiny shop packed with goodness. It has all those brands I covet... Zutano, Kushies, Quinny... to name a few. But it's not so much what's in their store as who's in their store. The first time Doug and I went in to check it out, we were checking out strollers and car seats. That's when we met Becky... She took  a lot of time to find the products that best match our lifestyle and personality. We had checked out some other local shops and not-so-local shops and this was the first time that a "salesperson" took the time to do that. It was the first time we really think someone heard "we're adopting" and absorbed that information immediately and gave us great insight and advice on what new parents of an 8-10 month old need. (It was the first time that we weren't told we need a Bumbo seat! Bumbo seats are great... but me thinks my child will have sitting down.) Not only that, but she was excited and intrigued by the process. We left feeling like we had all sorts of great ideas and tips, and a connection to a local shop that could guide us through buying the goods we needed.

I returned a few weeks ago (several months after our first visit) to peek around again. And there was Becky - who remembered me and immediately asked how the process was going! How fabulous is that?! Then she took the time to discuss the new products that they had gotten in that I was interested in. And showed me a few things that I hadn't seen/heard of before. Like the Phil & Ted's Shakeaway Latte (no, it's not BPA-Free which is a downer, but what an awesome concept!) They also had the newest Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags which I love to look at... I'll probably never get one, but Becky happily pulled them down for me to drool over! And then she showed me this blanket, which I could have cuddled up in myself! So in case you can't tell... I [heart] the shop and think Becky is awesome! I'm looking forward to having a child to shop for there...

But that's not all... then I discovered that Gymboree has a sub-brand called Crazy 8. They describe it as "cool clothes for kids' crazy lives." And it's true! They have super stylish clothes at crazy good prices. Here's just a sampling of what I want to buy (good thing I don't have a gender or size to work with - it keeps me from going crazy):