Mmmm... Mmmm... Bibimbop!

One by one we've been making our way through Korean recipes... we've tried Jap Chae (beef and noodles) and Bulgogi (BBQ beef) and a few others. We've had various levels of success. Last night we attempted Bibimbop, which is a rice dish layered with vegtables, tofu and beef. It was incredible! We loved it. I think that it's our most successful attempt to date! This will definitely be a regular in our house. We found this recipe in a book I picked up a few weeks ago, called Dok Suni. This is a great book. While there aren't a lot of photos, there's a narrative that accompanies the recipes. Not only is there educational value there, it also gives a peek into the culture. If that wasn't enough - the recipes (for the most part) use ingredients that you can find on your American supermarket shelves. And the Korean ingredients are explained and described in the beginning so you're not standing in the middle of the supermarket going "What the heck is chung peo?!