One Year Ago...

We sent off our application to our primary adoption agency. As you can see, we're taking the slow route. But that's OK. Especially since a lot of it is of our doing. We haven't been rush, rush, rush... partially because of personal stuff, partially because of job changes, but mostly because we're completely following our gut. I don't think I've posted our time line yet, so I figured now is as good a time as any! June/July of '07 - Started researching agencies, attending "Open Houses" and checking references.

August '07 - narrowed it down to two agencies and came up with a short list of "country programs."

September '07 - chose our agency and applied.

Early October '07 - Heard back from the agency & learned who our social worker was.

Late October '07 - Had our first meeting with the social worker.

Early November '07 - Had our second (individual) meetings with the social worker.

Late November '07 - Worked on our readings we had to do ... in-between all the holiday preparations!

December '07 - Gave ourselves a holiday "time-out."

January '08 - This was the craziest/busiest month for us. Doug switched jobs, so everything was topsy-turvy for him... *plus* we had our "in-person" classes a few Monday evenings... *plus* our online classes (which took us forever!) ...

And, last but not least, our final home study visit - here!

February '08 - Finished gathering all those pesky papers, finished or autobiographies, and finished our online class.

March '08 - Finally picked a program/country! (that would be Korea) Then realized we needed to find a secondary agency to manage the placement. So the research started again.

April '08 - Chose our agency, and started the application and paper-gathering process for them. (We were getting really good at that by this point!)

Late May '08 - Finally had all the papers we needed to apply! (Check the archives if you want the dirty details...)

June '08 - We were accepted and started gathering all the papers we needed for our placement agency and Korea.

July '08 - Sent all of our documents to the placement agency...

August '08 - Our documents were ready to go to Korea!

September 2 '08 - "Officially Waiting" otherwise known as HSTK (home study to Korea)

And that's our story to date! (The abbreviated version at least) I cannot believe as I sit here typing that it has been a year already! Wow - where does time go? And ironically, we're still on track for having a child Summer '09 - which is what we told our SW would be ideal... funny how that works - right!?