Referral Calendar

Just a little graphic to help everyone visualize the time line for the wait: referral-calendar.gif

And a little "key" to help you decode all those symbols:

September : Our papers go over to Korea.

February : When we can start expecting a referral call. (This can also happen in March or April, so you'll see I have ghosted phone images on those months... I'm thinking positively though, so I've given the full color image to the earliest month these things can happen)

May : When we can start hoping for travel. (This too can also happen as late as June or July, depending on what happens with a lot of different factors, but especially on when the referral comes!)

So, you may be wondering what the question mark in last month is for. Well, if we receive a referral in February for a child that is 6 months of age (the norm for Korea), then our child was born last month! Crazy, huh?!