Good news!!

Doug called our placement agency today and spoke with the Director of the Korea Program. She told him that everything was in order with our papers and they would be sent in the packet that goes over to Korea on September 1st!! Yay!! (Happy Dance!) She also told him that referrals are averaging between 5 and 7 months right now, and travel calls are coming in as soon as 3 months after the acceptance of the referral... which means there is actually a chance that we'll be in Korea for our wedding anniversary or my birthday. (Not to mention we could receive a referral around the time of Doug's birthday.) What a gift that will be!

Now before everyone goes and gets all excited... it could also change in a heartbeat and referrals could be taking up to 8 to 10 months again. So no counting chickens! [wink]

But a little celebration will be taking place on September 1st in this house!