I'll never miss another birthday again!

Being a designer, I love cards. I have boxes upon boxes of cards in my office. I'm always thinking about sending people cards to thank them, to congratulate them, to wish them a happy birthday. My problem is actually getting them in the mail. They sit, addressed, on my desk for weeks - sometimes even months. (Yes, that is embarrassing to admit) Well, no more - cardstore.com to the rescue! They offer quality, printed cards with a personal touch. It's simple: I just pick a card, add a photo or two if I wish, write my message, then *they* print and send as many as I like - wherever I like! For $2.99 or less, depending on quantity. And unlike hippopost.com, the font sizes are adjustable - as is the font style and color. The one thing I haven't figured out is if I can do this in advance and schedule my ship date. For example, at the beginning of the month, can I do everyone's cards, and have them ship as appropriate? Holiday cards, announcements, birthday cards, thank you cards - you name it, it seems to be on there. How have I not found this until now!? Here's a few of my favorite designs - from baby announcements to more general cards:



(See, I told you I had some fun things to post about!)