Boy oh Boy!

We had a wonderful weekend with my college roommates, L&J, and their hubbies, N&G ... and little boy R! Little boy R is the son of L&N will be two at the end of this month. And what a good boy - and a blast to boot! (We'll take one just like him please!) [wink] Seriously though, we had a wonderful time together (or at least I think we did...) We hit up the state beach in our town and had a great time. It was practically empty since the weather forecast of severe thunderstorms scared everyone away. (For the record there were only big white fluffy clouds in the sky and lots of sun.) We had a ton of room to play and splash. We buried Little Boy R in the sand, watched him rush the big waves, dig holes and ask for bucket after bucket of water. It's amazing how a little one can get six adults wrapped around his finger, doing his beck and call. My favorite part was when he walked across the kitchen, took my hand, walked me back to the family room where his trucks were, and pulled me down with him, saying "Christine Play." And, of course, I did! But like any good weekend of fun and sun - I'm exhausted. I have a bunch of fun things to post about though... maybe tomorrow. In other news - a big congrats to Krista and Matt who are "officially" waiting! YAY! We hope to see you there soon! Can you tell I am typing with my fingers crossed?