The Health Care Coverage System is Broken

[To those I know in the health care and health coverage fields, I apologize for the angry post about to follow. I know that this specific situation is beyond your control, and I believe that each one of you go above and beyond in your individual jobs. This is a situation much larger than any one of us, but I really feel that the system is broken and much in need of repair...] Many of you who know me "in real life" have probably heard a rant or two about how strongly I dislike the medical care coverage systems in this country. While I adore my doctors, I am sick of the system and the confines they need to work within. I'm sick of the "processes and procedures" the insurance companies have in place to protect "us" when it's clear they are looking out for themselves first and foremost. For this reason alone, I would like to see CHANGE in November.

Then, if you were unfortunate enough to ask me how the adoption process was going in early May, you probably heard me rant about getting a letter regarding coverage of an adopted child. (I apologize again for those who received that rant.) It still amazes me that they were unable to provide a simple document that stated what was very clearly outlined in their policy manual.

So imagine how I felt when I read on another adoption blog how their child was denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Denied coverage, not given coverage with exception to pre-existing conditions, because "they can't rider those conditions on an adopted child." These people took on her conditions prepared to pay for them themselves. Yet, their insurance company won't even cover the well-baby visits? Because she's adopted. If you know anyone who can help, or even just to lend your support, please visit their blog.