Woohoo, part 4!

What did I find in the mail today?! Oh, just a I-797C! What is that you ask? You might recall us blogging about the I-600A form... mailing it, receiving a confirmation of receipt from USCIS, fingerprinting appointments being assigned and us actually getting fingerprinted. Well, all of that was so that we could receive our I-797C, which is essentially the approval to the I-600A. It's so nice to open a document where you see "APPROVED" in all bold letters. I'm especially excited since we mailed the form less than a month ago. I was expecting approval to take longer than that... but I will not complain at all. Thank you USCIS-MA for being so efficient! Now all we need is to be matched with a child (that should be easy enough - right?!) so we can file the I-600, which differs in that it's an application to bring home a specific child. While the I-600A approval (The I-797C) doesn't guarantee an I-600 approval, it should help the process along.

In the meantime, I will celebrate this next step!