The Olympics...

Have me completely in awe. Not to mention they have me staying up way past my bedtime! Even though I've been crazy this past weekend with work - I was able to watch a bunch of the events (love this whole thing happening in prime time.): • The Opening Ceremony: Perhaps the most incredibly beautiful thing I have seen. (For the record, the award for that has been Cirque du Soleil up until this point) The artistry paired with the technology just blew me away. I'm not one for commemorative DVDs, but I may need to rethink that if there is one of the Opening Ceremony. I do wish that South and North Korea had been able to enter as one delegation though. That is the only thing I wish different.

It's almost impossible to pick my "top 3" moments, but if I *had* to choose it would be the drummers, the "moveable boxes," and the "lighted dancers." (Close runners-up were the globe and papyrus displays, as well as when the Chinese delegation entered led by Yao Ming and Lin Hao - the little Chinese earthquake survivor.) Anyone else have any favorite moments from the Ceremony?!

The Competitions: I cannot get enough of the Olympic sports it seems. I'm watching events I would never watch normally... like woman's weightlifting. But now I can actually tell you who medaled! Not only that, but I'm loving all the swimming and gymnastics. The gymnastics was a little hard to watch since it was a tough round for the ladies. The swimming competitions have been amazing though... I think I actually cheered loudest for South Korea's Taehwan Park in the Men's 400M Freestyle?

I'm happy to see how well *both* the United States and South Korea have been doing. I can't wait for tonight's coverage to begin! (I'm going to be one tired puppy after all these late nights though.)