Yay for letters!

I contacted my doctor's office this morning to follow-up on the letter I needed. The administrative staff called me this afternoon to get my fax number. Shortly after that - the letter was here! Yay!! So what took so long to get this letter? Oh, just the fact that only the 1st,3rd,8th, and 9th letter of my street address was correct. Obviously something was lost in transcription. But I don't care - I have the letter! (And yes, I do realize that a week and a half is not that long in the grand scheme of things, but to me it felt like a month and a half.) I've sent it over to the social worker. I'm hoping this will suffice. So, everyone, please do me a favor and cross your fingers and say "this will be enough." Because really, I need to not have anything to hunt down for a little while.